Denver International Airport to Open Yoga on the Fly Studio for Private Digital Classes

 Yoga on the Fly is opening its first yoga “den” at Denver International Airport. The individual rooms, each equipped with an iPad, yoga mat and wireless headphones, mean travelers can stretch and relax in private before boarding – and a wake-up system will ensure meditators don’t miss their flight.

Travelers at Denver International Airport (DEN) will have access to private digital yoga classes as of November 6. Yoga on the Fly’s inaugural studio will consist of five private rooms, large enough to accommodate a single person, where travelers can practice yoga and meditation by following instructional videos.

Each room will be equipped with an iPad, a Yoga By Numbers mat, Sound Off wireless headphones and yoga props. The videos, which range in length from eight to 20 minutes, are meant to help with recuperation from, and prevention of, the discomforts often experienced by passengers, like poor circulation, muscle aches and anxiety.

“All of the classes are designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioners,” Yoga on the Fly co-founder Elizabeth Feinstone told APEX Media. “However if you ask our Wellness Advisors for advice, they’ll respond with class suggestions that are best for you in that very moment.”

“We’ve designed a wake-up system in case you fall asleep meditating.” – Avery Westlund, Yoga on the Fly

The Wellness Advisors will also be tasked with ensuring yogis don’t miss their flights. “We’ve designed a wake-up system in case you fall asleep meditating,” explained Yoga on the Fly co-founder Avery Westlund. “When you check in, the Wellness Advisors will document your flight information, including boarding times and gate numbers. We’ll track flight info for the entire time you’re practicing yoga, so we’ll let you know of things like gate changes and flight updates on your way out.”

The studio will also feature a curated retail selection of athleisure wear and travel accessories from wellness brands including MPG Sport, Blooming Lotus Jewelry, Manduka, Zaq, S’well, Go Dash Dot and more. Sessions will range in price from $15 to $60, depending on desired studio time. 

Yoga on the Fly is planning to open additional locations in 2018, but DEN seemed like a good place to start. “Even living on the East Coast, we knew so many people who found yoga and a love for healthy living in Denver,” said Feinstone. “When we came for our first visit this summer, we instantly understood why and knew that the people traveling to and from DIA would appreciate what we’re trying to create at Yoga on the Fly.”